In this article we discuss the Mount Ortigara Excursion, a route famous for its history and for the bitter conflicts during the First World War.

The mount Ortigara excursion is a particularly suggestive itinerary, which plunges into the history of the Alpine troops during the conflict of the First World War. One of the most important routes to face, in a place where one of the most tragic battles of the conflict took place, just think that, before the top of the mountain, it was 8 meters higher.

The Mount Ortigara Escursione

A very stimulating excursion for fans of the First World War and beyond, which takes place in the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities, in the province of Vicenza. The Plateau is certainly one of the best-known and most popular tourist resorts in the Veneto region, thanks also to the awareness and reinterpretation of the territory, which has managed to maintain aesthetic and architectural characteristics that are still quite in tune with the surrounding landscape.

The Mount Ortigara Escursione

The mount Ortigara excursion takes place in a particularly delicate and significant stretch of the plateau, given the violent battle fought by the Italian and Austrian armies from 10 to 25 June 1917, an action called Action K code. 400,000 soldiers and over 2000 pieces of artillery committed to the conquest of Mount Ortigara. This is one of the largest high altitude battles ever fought.

The commanders of the Italian forces considered the conflict necessary to try to stop the advance of the Austrians, who, following the defeat of the Strafexpedition, had withdrawn to more advantageous defensive positions, from which they could threaten the armies of Cadore, Carnia and of the Isonzo. On 10 June 1917 the Italian soldiers went to the attack and after almost twenty days of uninterrupted fighting, and not to forget the heroism in some actions of the Italians, the summit of Mount Ortigara covered with corpses, remained in enemy hands.

Remembered as the Battle of Ortigara for its useless and total defeat, it had tens of thousands of fallen, wounded and missing. A few days after its conclusion, General Ettore Mambretti, considered responsible for the disaster, was relieved of command. Going to these mountains also means not forgetting the many young people who have fallen against their will for wrong choices, a path that testifies to the atrocities that took place in not very distant times.

The Mount Ortigara Escursione

The mount Ortigara excursion starts from piazzale Lozze at 1,770 meters, reachable by car from the center of Gallio, towards Melette / Campomulo. From the square you access the CAI 840 path, and continue along a military mule track to the Lozze church, built by the Alpine troops of the Verona battalion after the bitter conflict of June 1917. Not far away we find an Ossuary, containing human remains still today found on the battlefield.

The route continues through dwarf pine bushes and trenches, and after a couple of hours of walking you will arrive at the Cippo Italiano, a severed column, at an altitude of 2,106 meters located on the top of Mount Ortigara. To the north, on the other hand, the Austrian Cippo was placed, in honor of the Austrian fallen. Our thoughts immediately turn to the fallen of the great conflict, while the view enjoys the view of the Valsugana and the Lagorai chain. For the return instead, we move slightly north, where we can take a fairly steep path, so we try to be careful, which leads to other military posts. Once we get off we find a crossroads that again indicates the Lozze church.

The Mount Ortigara Escursione

The excursion is suitable for anyone, despite this the mountains must always be respected and attended with seriousness, there are many guides available to accompany you in case you do not feel completely safe. The route is always very popular with people on a walk and also with families. Pay attention to the ice that forms during the coldest periods. We recommend a calm pace, to enjoy the wonderful landscape that will surround you.

  • Info mount Ortigara excursion
    Start: Piazzale Lozze at 1,770 meters
    Arrival: Mount Ortigara at 2,105 meters
    Duration: about 2:00 h
    Difference in altitude: 350 meters
    Difficulty: E (Medium / Easy)
    Signpost Number: CAI 840
    Packed lunch
    Suitable for: Hikers, Families


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