The Montello is a unique hill of its kind, it is located in the heart of the province of Treviso, about 371 meters high and extends from the Piave river to Nervesa della Battaglia, from Crocetta del Montello to Montebelluna.

The Montello

An ideal place to spend a few days immersed in nature, away from city stress and particularly suitable for discovering new typical local products. It is mainly a destination for days out of town, with long bike rides and mountain bike rides, outdoor picnics and unforgettable food and wine days.

The Montello

Among the various products stand out Asolo Prosecco Superiore and Rosso Montello DOCG, which despite being produced in a corner of the Veneto, their stia and tradition compete at the top with the best international wines. Among the many places to visit are the British Cemeteries of Giavera del Montello, the Military Shrine of Nervesa della Battaglia and the Sacello dedicated to the aviator Francesco Baracca and finally the Isle of Death, a sacred place located in Moriago della Battaglia. Today Montello brings with it numerous traces of its past, all immersed in a traditional context, ready to be discovered.

Historically, this place was fundamental for the Serenissima, given that its rich woods supplied the Venetian arsenal. In fact, the need for timber from the Republic of Venice was immense, they served to consolidate the damage from the storms, for the foundations of the city, for the construction of the ships, for the fires of the glassworks, for heating and so on.

The Serenissima's strategy was to transport conifers from Cadore and Montello along the Piave river, the fir trees of the Sette Comuni were lowered into the Brenta river, the Bacchiglione river brought the wood of the Vicenza plain to Chioggia, and across the river Adige those of Lessinia and the upper Veronese lands. In short, a dense network of channels for the development and growth of one of the most extraordinary cities in history.

The Montello

Its origin is linked to the orogenesis process of the Alps. These mountains, in fact, were formed and continue to grow following the movement of the European and Asian continental crust and, Montello with its dynamics, follows this phenomenon, although the its growth has been slowed down due to the Piave river, which has always continued to smooth it.
The Montello
Despite this, it is a peripheral phenomenon, as the name suggests, the hill is not formed by multiple ridges or ridges, but is essentially a single compact and massive block, therefore it is not a hill, and its low height it doesn't even make it a real mountain. In this relief there are also no streams or other superficial water courses, but it is crossed in underground cavities, leaking from some important springs.


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