Located in the heart of the Veneto plain, the Treviso city center is an important agricultural and industrial center in continuous development.

The Treviso City Center

The abundance of the waters that arise and intersect in a network of canals under the numerous medieval and Renaissance palaces, give the city a stately and attractive appearance.

The Treviso City Center

Over the centuries, Treviso has remained a vital, quiet and picturesque city, immersed in a territory that is particularly flourishing from a political and economic point of view, so much so as to define it, already in the thirteenth century, the "joyful and loving brand".

Treviso knows how to give magical moments to those who love walking without haste on the pebbles consumed by time, following the waterways along the streets to arcades, and then find themselves sitting on a typical tavern to enjoy the delicacies of the Treviso area.


The city rests on numerous springs, known locally as "fontanassi", which originate throughout the municipal territory. The most important is the Botteniga, which after receiving the waters of Pegorile and Piavesella, crosses the walls at the Ponte de Pria and branches into the Cagnan Grande, Buranelli and Roggia, which contribute to enriching and delineating the historic center of Treviso.

In an area so rich in water resources, the ancient Tarvisium soon became a municipality and, thanks to its proximity to some important arterial roads, such as the Postumia road (Roman road built in 148 BC) and the same waterways, became from the most ancient times a lively shopping center.

The Treviso City Center

Treviso today is a city to visit in every season. You can savor every characteristic corner and immerse yourself in the quiet life of its city, seizing the pleasure of reading a book on the banks of a canal or wander in search of works of art.


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