In this chapter we talk about the marvelous of the Venezia islands, capturing the more characteristic and intimate moments.

The Venetian Lagoon, surrounded by myths and superstitions, was once reserved for fishermen and hunters. Only from the 5th century AD the first inhabitants of the mainland settled there, forced to seek refuge elsewhere, following the arrival of the Goths.

The Venezia Islands

In addition to the Venezia islands, there are numerous sandbanks and thin strips of land called "lidi", (created by debris carried by rivers), and grassy and muddy islets, called emerged shoals, which currently represent the refuge of wild flowers and waterfowl.

The Venezia Islands

Over the years, since the Greek-Etruscan era, this natural building dynamics has been managed by the man who has modified the lagoons by reclaiming them and making them fertile lands, preventing the natural covering and turning them into fishing valleys.

In the course of history several hydraulic works have been carried out for drainage along with reclamation works and deviations of many waterways that turned out to be useful for agriculture and the safeguard of the territory.


Only in the thirteenth century were built the first "murazzi", stone walls that were designed to defend the beaches and preserve the lagoon, so much so that even today we continue experimenting with barriers to stop the tides and the continuous risks of flooding.

The Venezia Islands

The entire lagoon occupies an area of about 550 square kilometers, of which only 8% is occupied by land, a good 11% is composed of water, but most of the area, ie 80% is composed of tides of muddy tides and salt marshes. This crazy territory was included in 1987 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Venezia Islands

Among these northern islands of the lagoon there is so much to see and discover, such as: the island of Giudecca, the island of Murano, the island of Mazzorbo, the island of Torcello, the island of Burano and the corner mystic of the cemetery of San Michele.


The Venezia Islands


The Giudecca Island

However, the wide walk that runs alongside the water, from the city side, offers a very pleasant opportunity and an extraordinary panorama...   ⇒ Continue


Lido di Venezia

Today this residential suburb, thanks to the many hotels, is the place where locals and tourists mingle to sunbathe and have fun...  ⇒ Continue


The San Michele Island

When the cemetery began to expand, the friars who took care of the site, buried the canal between the two islands in 1829, joining them to...  ⇒ Continue


The Murano Island

Between the 15th and 16th centuries it was the main glass center in Europe, and unprecedented privileges were recognized for all its craftsmen...  ⇒ Continue


The Burano Island

Although its inhabitants lived mainly on fishing, for centuries Burano was known internationally for the production of the most beautiful laces...  ⇒ Continue


The Mazzorbo Island

Stopping at the local restaurant, you can taste the local wine and typical fish dishes. Do not miss the opportunity to discover small corners of the lagoon...  ⇒ Continue


The Torcello Island

The beauty of the thirteenth-century mosaic on the apse depicts the Virgin, and on the opposite surface, a vast mosaic of the XII-XIII century...  ⇒ Continue


The Sant Erasmo Island

To visit it well you would need a bicycle, so as to go into the vegetable gardens and cultivated fields and admire some suggestive glimpses...  ⇒ Continue


Holds an artistic and cultural heritage like few other areas in the world, its lagoon has been the cradle of local civilization and its coastline offers renowned seaside resorts. This province, rich in resources, hides elegant villas and pretty villages, even if the most precious and brilliant stone is represented by the island of Venice, an island which has a beautiful fish shape which protect the most beautiful, romantic and mysterious city in the world. It’s built on a series of marshy islets. Unfortunately it is subject to the tides of the Adriatic Sea and frequent floods but continues to survive in spite of all the predictions. Plan your holidays in the Venezia province, our tips and suggestive photographs will help you to take the right path for your trip.


The Veneto Region, nestled in the north-east of Italy, is a mix of history and traditions and, all of it, is enriched by the liveliness of its inhabitants and by a wide range of typical products all to be savored. From the highest peaks of the Dolomites, he embraces and welcomes each visitor with brotherly warmth, accommodating him among the many lounges of his cities of art, giving him unforgettable emotions. Turning between the pages of this site, you can organize your next holidays in the Veneto region and thanks to the many photos published, everything will be very simple.


In this chapter we discuss Sport, that is, from the easiest sports activities for families to the most complex and demanding ones.


In this chapter we discuss the incredible world of Venetian cuisine, from the typical local products to the recipes typical of our mothers.


In this chapter we discuss the Nature that surrounds us, a territory rich in biodiversity and particularly fragile, therefore absolutely to be respected.


In this chapter we discuss the history which, over time, has transformed, shaped and marked the territory of the Veneto region.


In this chapter we treat My Way, a useful window to start planning and defining a nice weekend among the wonders of the Veneto region.
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