The Verona city center is one of the most romanesque and fascinating city in Italy and is characterized by noble palaces, tranquil cloisters, ancient streets and Roman monuments.

The Verona City Center

Known as the site of Romeo and Juliet's tragedy, pulsates day and night thanks to its continuous and uninterrupted development and the sign left by the various dominations, such as the Roman one, at the age of the municipalities, at the time of the Signoria dei Scaligeri up to the Venetian and Habsburg domination.

Mondana, industrious and contemplative, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its urban structure and its architecture. Moving around Verona we immerse ourselves in unique landscapes full of surprises.

The Verona city center

We start our journey, in fact, from the hills of the famous vineyards of Soave, Bardolino and Valpolicella, to get to the Little Dolomites through the Lessinia Natural Regional Park. Heading west, however, we find the magnificent shoreline of  Garda Lake that offers a unique and magical atmosphere, with the many villages along its banks that offer excellent hotels, seafood restaurants and night clubs.

Verona, located in the center of northern Italy, has always been rich and famous thanks to its geographical position which has always allowed it to be the main way of communication with Austria, Germany and with the great northern Italian cities such as Venezia and Trieste.

The Verona city center

Founded in the first century BC it was a thriving Roman settlement and already in those days it was a nodal point of land and water transport in north-eastern Italy, in fact it was the meeting point of four Roman roads:

the Via Gallica (which connected the Roman municipalities of the Po Valley ), the Via Claudia Augusta (built in the 1st century AD connecting the Po Valley with the Alps and the Danube in Bavaria), the Vicum Veronensium (connected the city of Verona with the important river port of Ostiglia on the river Po) and the Via Postumia (built in 148 BC that connected Aquileia to Genoa, two of the main Roman ports in the north).


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