Historic Villages and the Asolo Hills brings together some of the most characteristic aspects of the province of Treviso, a perfect place to disconnect or explore these lands, tracing thematic itineraries according to our interests.

Historic Villages and the Asolo Hills

The beauties to see are everywhere and the excellences are not lacking in these lands of the industrious brand, whether sipping a Prosecco in some typical tavern, or mulling over the fallen of the World Wars on the Grappa Mount Shrine.

Historic Villages and the Asolo Hills

This mountainous massif consists of a steep and often eroded dolomitic step, which rises up to about 1000 meters, on which round bumps stretch populated by typical houses and large woods. Mount Grappa was the scene of hard clashes, and is known above all for the Military Shrine, in whose central body are preserved the remains of 12,615 fallen Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers of which 10,332 unknown.

At his feet we find "the city of a hundred horizons", Asolo, as Giosuè Carducci defined it. Seductive and intriguing, it enchanted a cosmopolitan court of artists and intellectuals kidnapped by its peaceful beauty.

Not far away we can admire one of the masterpieces of the architect Andrea Palladio, Villa Barbaro, who designed it around 1557 as a residence for the clients Daniele and Marcantonio Barbaro, experts in architecture and classical art lovers, transforming the old medieval palace into a splendid country house suited to the study of the arts and intellectual contemplation.

Historic Villages and the Asolo Hills

Also not to be missed in Possagno is the famous Canovian Temple, designed at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and built on a sunny hill so as to seem almost a mirage in a landscape close to the mountains. This white, solemn and neoclassical style building rests on three large stairways of different slopes and on a vast cobblestone of white and black cogoli, gathered along the Piave river and arranged in artistic geometric shapes. In the center of the village we find the Gipsoteca with terracotta sketches and plaster models of his most famous works.


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