The Mount Ortigara Excursion

Escursione sul Monte Ortigara

In this article we discuss the Mount Ortigara Excursion, a route famous for its history and for the bitter conflicts during the First World War. The mount Ortigara excursion is a particularly suggestive itinerary, which plunges into the history of the Alpine troops during the conflict of the First World War. One of the most …

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The Cengio Mount Excursion

Escursione sul Monte Cengio

In this arctic we discuss the Cengio Mount Excursion, an interesting and spectacular itinerary on the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities. The Cengio Mount Excursion is an interesting path that develops between tunnels and trenches built during the bitter clashes of the First World War. An itinerary within anyone’s reach, undemanding and spectacular at the …

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The Conco Dandelion

Il Tarassaco di Conco

In this article we discuss the Conco dandelion, a spontaneous herb with important properties and great versatility. The Conco Dandelion is a spontaneous herb that grows in the fields during the spring period, coloring them with its unmistakable yellow color. In this area the dandelion, or Taraxacum Officinalis for botanists, benefits from a climatic combination …

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The Corbin Fortress

In this article we discuss one of the most powerful military fortresses of the Italian defensive line of the Vicentine Prealps, the Corbin Fortress. The Corbin Fortress is a typical Italian military fortress high in the mountains, an important defensive line in the Vicentine Prealps during the First World War 1915-1918. The military fort of …

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The Marcesina Cross Country Skiing

In this chapter we discuss the Marcesina Cross Country Skiing, considered a real paradise for sportsmen, as in Norway. The Marcesina Cross Country Skiing is one of those sports to try in life, technical and demanding, but the serenity that reigns immersed in immaculate nature, where silence prevails over everything, will repay your every effort. …

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