Lakes and Ponds

Lakes and ponds of the Veneto region. A unique and suggestive selection dedicated to lovers of walking and relaxing itineraries, immersed in the nature of this fairytale territory.

San Daniele Oasis

Oasi San Daniele

The San Daniele Oasis is a small and young natural park located in the municipality of San Zenone degli Ezzelini, at the foot of the Mount Grappa massif, in the province of Treviso. It is an environment rich in biodiversity and at the same time very sensitive, in fact in this park it is being …

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The Revine Lakes

Laghi di Revine

In this article we discuss the Revine lakes, a magical and very suggestive place that is located along the prosecco wine route, in the province of Treviso. The Revine Lakes are two picturesque and evocative glacial lakes located in the Treviso hills, nestled in the Valsana, in the Venetian Pre-Alps. Specifically, we are talking about …

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Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis

Oasi Golena Ca’ Pisani

In this article we discuss the Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis, a natural habitat shaped by the ingenuity of man in the wildest branch of the Po river. The Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis is a precious and particularly wild wet environment, a unique natural habitat to be preserved for its rich biodiversity. The entire area covers …

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Naturalistic Oasis of Sbarai

Oasi Naturalistica di Sbarai

In this article we discuss the naturalistic oasis of Sbarai, a unique and particularly delicate environment located on Lake Santa Croce. The Naturalistic Oasis of Sbarai is a particularly suggestive and delicate wetland area, which hosts a wide range of different environments, linked to the variations in the water levels of the lake. An area …

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Somadida Oriental Nature Reserve

Parco Somadida

In this article we discuss the Somadida Oriental Nature Reserve, a special environment, which is considered the most beautiful forest in the Dolomites. The Somadida Oriental Nature Reserve is the largest wood in Cadore, a special and protected environment, which houses a naturalistic and faunal heritage of great value. In fact, this area was already …

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The Vedana Lake

Lago di Vedana

In this article we discuss the Vedana Lake, a small body of water located within the National Park of the Bellunesi Dolomites. The Lake Vedana is a small and suggestive stretch of water nestled between the spectacular mountain ranges of the Sun Mount and Piz Vedena, in the unique locality of Masiere, in the municipality …

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The Mis Lake

Lago del Mis

In this article we discuss the Mis lake, a particularly suggestive artificial water basin of the Mis valley. The Mis Lake is a splendid stretch of artificial water that occupies a large part of the Mis canal, in the mountains of the province of Belluno. This poetic and mysterious valley has been marked over time …

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The Porto Caleri Botanical Garden

Giardino Botanico Litoraneo Porto Caleri

In this article we discuss the Porto Caleri Botanical Garden, a nature reserve of the Po Delta Regional Park. The Porto Caleri Botanical Garden is a nature reserve and botanical garden located in the southern part of the Rosolina Mare coast, in Porto Caleri. It extends over an area of about 44 hectares, along a …

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The Lumera Lake

Laghetto Lumera

In this article we discuss the lovely Lumera lake, a small jewel located a few minutes walk from the historic center of Asiago. The Lumera lake is a small and pretty stretch of water located on the Seven Municipalities plateau, a few steps from the historic center of Asiago. A place very popular at any …

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