In this article we discuss the Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis, a natural habitat shaped by the ingenuity of man in the wildest branch of the Po river.

The Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis is a precious and particularly wild wet environment, a unique natural habitat to be preserved for its rich biodiversity. The entire area covers about 43 hectares, in an environment modeled over time by man with skill, in a suggestive wild branch on the left bank of the Po di Maistra.

Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis

This enchanting oasis is kept in the Po Delta Regional Park and is the largest wetland in Europe and the Mediterranean, with about 700 sq km of land and water, still evolving today, thanks to the contribution of sediments from the river Po to the sea. . At the mouth, where fresh and salty waters mix, there is the fall of silts, clays and sands which, settling, emerge forming the benches and therefore a new coastline.

Germano Reale

The Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis is located in the municipality of Porto Viro, and in the past it was used as a fishing valley, and later abandoned due to low fish productivity. In 1997 the Veneto region completely acquired the private fishing valley, thanks to a grant from the European Community, in order to re-naturalize this river context.

Today, thanks to an important recovery project, the environment has been restored, transforming it into a very favorable area for nesting and the growth of plant species typical of the marsh area.

Oasi Ca Pisani

Several nature trails have been created with observatories for bird watching and a small visitor center inside a traditional house in the province of Rovigo. In the valleys, hydraulic works and artifacts for catching fish have been reconstructed for educational purposes, according to ancient craft techniques and using traditional materials such as cane and wood.


Environmental protection has led to an increasingly important presence of avifauna, with numerous species of ardeidae, anatidae, slowsters and passerines, including the gray heron, the white heron, the purple heron, the black-winged stilt and the marsh harrier.

Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis

From the floristic point of view, this floodplain is dominated by the marsh reed, while in the more wooded areas willows, poplars, ash and English oak predominate. Currently, the Floodplain  Ca Pisani Oasis is managed by the Veneto region, through the Regional Forest Service with the collaboration of the Veneto Regional Authority of the Po Delta.

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