In this article we discuss the walk of Plain of Mottolone, a pleasant and relaxing outing in the hills of the Euganean Hills.

The walk of plain of Mottolone is a pleasant and relaxing walk in one of the most fascinating and romantic places in the Euganean Hills Regional Park. Located not far from the historic center of Padova, it is characterized by lively hills with almost perfect geometries, by a seductive landscape charm and by a wide range of unique food and wine excellences.

The Walk of Plain of Mottolone – Euganean Hills

Its reliefs are of volcanic origin and date back to over 40 million years ago, are made up of trachyte, formed over the years in underground environments. Its climate is much more pleasant than that of the surrounding plain to the point that, in the southern part of the conformation, there is typical vegetation of the Mediterranean areas. The walk of Plain of Mottolone starts from the pretty village of Arquà Petrarca, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and one of the most popular pearls of the Veneto region.

Arquà Petrarca

Among these streets, we find the house where the great Italian poet, Francesco Petrarca, lived for four years. Visiting Arquà Petrarca it is possible to admire in the central square the Tomb of Petrarch, with his remains still preserved here, inside the red marble ark of Verona.

Around the sarcophagus, however, an aura of mystery hovers, in fact a few years ago, a carbon 14 check was carried out, which proved the presence of female bones, and confirming the constant suspicion that the present skeleton is not that of the famous poet.

Arquà Petrarca

The route starts not far from the center of the village, along the paved road (via Vallesella), which continues until it becomes a dirt road, through some isolated houses. The Atestino path begins to climb, among elegant olive trees and wild trees, until it reaches an asphalted road, where we find the first indications to reach the destination. Arriving at the plateau of Mottolone, an enchanting view of the Euganean Hills opens up behind us, a territory still fairly respected and loved by man.

The Walk of Plain of Mottolone – Euganean Hills

An ideal place to contemplate the sunset, take some photos to share on social networks or simply to relax after a stressful day at work. For the return we proceed along the same road, or for the more trained we can continue to Monte Fasolo, at an altitude of 300 meters, where we find the interesting church of San Gaetano nearby. The walk is suitable for anyone, the route is quite popular with strollers and families, especially on weekends. We recommend a calm pace, to enjoy the wonderful landscape that will surround you.

  • Info walk of Plain of Mottolone
    Start: Arquà Petrarca 80 meters
    Arrival: Plain of Mottolone 219 meters
    Duration: 50 minutes
    Difficulty: T (Easy)
    Packed lunch
    Suitable for: Families, Kids, Dogs

    Info walk to Mount Fasolo
    Strat: Arquà Petrarca 80 meters
    Arrival: Mount Fasolo 300 meters
    Duration: 1:20 h
    Difficulty: T (Medium / Easy)
    Packed lunch
    Suitable for: Families, Kids, Dogs


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