In this chapter we discuss an important building in the Paduan countryside, the Praglia Abbey, a Benedictine monastery located in the Euganean Hills.

The Praglia Abbey is a Benedictine monastery located in the municipality of Teolo in the Paduan countryside at the foot of Mount Lonzina, on the Euganean Hills. This ancient monastery was founded in the 11th century by the Maltraversi family from Vicenza, for the Benedictine order, known at the time as "Pratalia", only the bell tower remains of the original medieval building. The large abbey complex in late Gothic style, is divided into four particular cloisters communicating with each other.

The Praglia Abbey

Entering we find the botanical cloister, where once medicinal plants are cultivated, now it looks like a pretty garden. The hanging cloister, located on the first floor and supported by four large columns, is surrounded by the most representative rooms of the monastery, such as the refectory, the chapter house, the belvedere loggia, the library and the church. The rustic cloister, once used for agricultural work, today delimits the space for hospitality, a very important reality for the whole Benedictine order. Finally, the double cloister where the monks rested.

The Praglia Abbey

Inside the Praglia Abbey we also find two other suggestive environments, namely: the monumental Refettorio, with a magnificent wooden furniture in walnut and briar and a vast fresco of the Crucifixion, painted by Bartolomeo Montagna in about 1490 and the National Monumental Library, which contains about 100,000 volumes, a place of conservation and transmission of culture, where the monks can find everything they need for theological, spiritual and cultural formation.

The church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Assumption is the heart of the whole monastery and of community life. The building is in the shape of a Latin cross with three naves, built on a design by Tullio Lombardo around 1490-1550, inside we find works by Venetian painters of the XVI - XVII centuries.


Euganean Hills Regional Park

A territory rich in resources and typical products, welcoming and natural, the Euganean Hills Regional Park.


The Padova Province

A territory rich in resources and food and wine products of the highest level.


Is the most populated in the Veneto region, has always been a territory rich in resources, top-quality food and wine products and a destination for great artists and free thinkers. It is a predominantly flat area, crossed by numerous waterways and characterized by remarkable agricultural landscapes. Picturesque villages, abbeys and historic villas enrich this enchanted territory, while the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills will offer unforgettable moments to travelers. Do not miss the chance to spend a few days here! Plan your holidays in this wonderful province, our tips and suggestive photographs will help you take the right path.


The Veneto Region, nestled in the north-east of Italy, is a mix of history and traditions and, all of it, is enriched by the liveliness of its inhabitants and by a wide range of typical products all to be savored. From the highest peaks of the Dolomites, he embraces and welcomes each visitor with brotherly warmth, accommodating him among the many lounges of his cities of art, giving him unforgettable emotions. Turning between the pages of this site, you can organize your next holidays in the Veneto region and thanks to the many photos published, everything will be very simple.


In this chapter we discuss Sport, that is, from the easiest sports activities for families to the most complex and demanding ones.


In this chapter we discuss the incredible world of Venetian cuisine, from the typical local products to the recipes typical of our mothers.


In this chapter we discuss the Nature that surrounds us, a territory rich in biodiversity and particularly fragile, therefore absolutely to be respected.


In this chapter we discuss the history which, over time, has transformed, shaped and marked the territory of the Veneto region.


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