Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis

Oasi Golena Ca’ Pisani

In this article we discuss the Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis, a natural habitat shaped by the ingenuity of man in the wildest branch of the Po river. The Floodplain Ca Pisani Oasis is a precious and particularly wild wet environment, a unique natural habitat to be preserved for its rich biodiversity. The entire area covers …

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The Porto Caleri Botanical Garden

Giardino Botanico Litoraneo Porto Caleri

In this article we discuss the Porto Caleri Botanical Garden, a nature reserve of the Po Delta Regional Park. The Porto Caleri Botanical Garden is a nature reserve and botanical garden located in the southern part of the Rosolina Mare coast, in Porto Caleri. It extends over an area of about 44 hectares, along a …

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