In this chapter we discuss a historical route, totally immersed in the Venetian lagoon, the Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia.

The Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia is totally immersed in the wonderful Venetian lagoon, that piece of land that protects the history of an incredible people and the biodiversity of these natural areas. It is an area characterized by a sometimes precarious balance, where man and nature often collide, past and present trample each other but which, despite this, continue to unite and intertwine.

Chioggia - The Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia

The starting point is Chioggia, also called "Little Venice" for the presence of fields, small squares and beautiful buildings of all ages. Boarding for the ferry is located a few steps from the characteristic Ponte Vigo, one of the symbols of the city, from which it is possible to reach the island of Pellestrina with bicycles.

Pellestrina - The Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia

From this fishing village, with its houses of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the ride begins along the high wall of the murazzi, an imposing Istrian stone dam built by the Republic of Venice to defend the lagoon from the erosion of the sea .

Along the way you may also see the ladies who work the bobbin, an old technique used for the processing of lace on cylindrical-shaped cushions.

Alberoni - The Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia

Arriving at the port of San Pietro in Volta, where there is a small fishing village and an eighteenth-century church, you take the ferry to the nearby Lido island. Then you go down to Alberoni, an area that preserves a protected area characterized by an ecosystem of great interest, characterized by natural dunes and spontaneous vegetation.

Malamocco - The Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia

The next stop is Malamocco, a small fairytale corner of the lagoon with an old fishing village to visit and admire. A few more kilometers and you arrive in the center of the Lido of Venice, with its colorful buildings that frame the renowned International Film Festival famous all over the world. The route can be concluded with a visit to the ancient Jewish Cemetery and the Church of San Nicolò. We recommend a calm pace to better enjoy the wonderful landscape.

Lido di Venezia - The Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia

  • Info Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia
  • Start: Chioggia
  • Arrival: Lido of Venice
  • Length: 24 km
  • Duration: 2.45 h
  • Difficulty: Easy (Tourist)
  • Lunch: Along the way / packed lunch
  • Suitable for: Cyclists, Families


The Venezia Province

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