The elegant and sumptuous San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica is located on the small island of San Giorgio Maggiore, not far from the peaceful Giudecca island. It overlooks the large San Marco Basin, once an inhospitable place, today it has turned into an unparalleled wonder, which the whole world sends us.

San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica

A place surrounded by magnificent palaces and large churches, from the imposing bulk of the Ducale Palace to the grandeur of the San Marco Bell Tower. The first church was built in 892, when the doge Tribuno Memmo, donated the small island to a Benedictine monk, who founded a monastery there.

San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica

A few centuries later, the famous architect Andrea Palladio was called to build the refectory and the new church, but he never saw it completed, due to his death in 1580. The whole building is undoubtedly its most complex construction site and difficult that the architect faced, since the times of the Vicenza Basilica.

The church and monastery built between 1560 and 1580 are among the greatest architectural achievements of Andrea Palladio, who managed to graft the classic style triangular pediment onto a Christian church.

San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica

On the side, thirty years later, a 75-meter bell tower with a square barrel and a cell in Istrian stone was erected, from which you can admire a spectacular panorama over the whole island of Venice, a work designed by architect Benedetto Buratti. Entering we find an original solution in the management of spaces, as it mixes the central plant of classical tradition with the cruciform plant.

San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica

Do not miss inside the basilica, the works of Tintoretto, on the sides of the altar there are, The collection of the manna and The Last Supper, in the Chapel of the Dead, however, the moving Deposition of Christ the last work of Tintoretto to which however, it can only be accessed with a guided tour.

San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica

We also find other very important works of great exponents of painting such as, Palma il Giovane, Domenico Tintoretto and Jacopo Bassano. The result is that of a classic and monumental building, which will make you feel strong emotions, reminiscent of the incredible achievements of the Roman Empire period.


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