The Meatte Trail Excursion

Strada delle Meatte

In this chapter we discuss the Meatte trail excursion, a unique and fantastic route, with breathtaking views of the Venice lagoon. The Meatte Trail Excursion is a unique and incredible path, with breathtaking views that accompany you throughout the walk. It is a castling mule track, built in 1918 by the Italian Military Engineers on …

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The Violet Artichoke of Sant Erasmo

Il Carciofo Violetto di Sant Erasmo

In this article we discuss the violet artichoke of Sant Erasmo, a delicious spring vegetable produced in the province of Venice. The violet artichoke of Sant Erasmo is particularly characteristic, in fact it is tender and not very thorny, it has dark violet bracts, which enclose a heart with a delicious taste. This unmistakable spring …

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Cycle Route of Riviera del Brenta

In this chapter we discuss a path full of history, famous villas, easy and suggestive: the Cycle Route of Riviera del Brenta. The Cycle Route of Riviera del Brenta is an evocative route that runs along the Naviglio del Brenta, an ancient communication route where the Venetian nobles built enchanting villas. In fact, these beautiful …

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The Stewed Cuttlefish

In this chapter we present one of the tastiest, most interesting and easy-to-perform dishes of Venetian cuisine: The Stewed Cuttlefish. Stewed cuttlefish, thanks to the simplicity in preparing them and the incredible flavor, are one of the most tasty and popular recipes in the area. There are many variations to prepare this recipe, there are …

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Weekend in Chioggia

Plan your next holidays in a historic city, full of typical products and located a few steps from one of the most beautiful and well-equipped beaches on the Venetian coast, your weekend in Chioggia.   This spectacular city of art is located south of the province of Venice, and is an ideal point to discover …

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Cavallino Treporti

In this chapter we discuss one of the most interesting and curious areas of Italy, located near Venezia, Cavallino Treporti. Cavallino Treporti, a very strategic tourist resort, consists of a peninsula that separates the northern part of the Venetian lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. Located between the sea and the lagoon, near the enchanting island …

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Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia

In this chapter we discuss a historical route, totally immersed in the Venetian lagoon, the Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia. The Cycle Route from Chioggia to Lido di Venezia is totally immersed in the wonderful Venetian lagoon, that piece of land that protects the history of an incredible people and the biodiversity …

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The Torcello Island

In this chapter we discuss one of the most ancient, glorious and characteristic islands of the Venetian lagoon, the Torcello Island. The Torcello Island was one of the oldest and most flourishing settlements in the Venetian lagoon, located in a strategic position near other islands, which contributed to the rise of the small town. It …

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The Mazzorbo Island

In this chapter we discuss one of the islands of the smallest but most characteristic and pretty Venetian lagoon, the Mazzorbo Island. The Mazzorbo Island is a small and pretty island in the Venetian lagoon, an environment particularly surrounded by myths and superstitions, where it was once reserved only for fishermen and hunters. Located a …

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The Burano Island

In this chapter we will discuss one of the most colorful, lively and characteristic islands of the whole Venetian lagoon, the Burano Island. The Burano Island is the most picturesque island in the Venetian lagoon thanks to the bright colors that characterize the fishermen’s houses. Visible from a distance due to the high bell tower …

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