In this chapter we discuss the Meatte trail excursion, a unique and fantastic route, with breathtaking views of the Venice lagoon.

The Meatte Trail Excursion is a unique and incredible path, with breathtaking views that accompany you throughout the walk. It is a castling mule track, built in 1918 by the Italian Military Engineers on the steep southern slope of Mount Meatte, to ensure supplies away from enemy fire, in order to support and fuel the battle on the peaks.

The Meatte Trail Excursion

This extraordinary military work built during the First World War is the envy of the most famous and vaunted high altitude Dolomite routes, in fact these old military paths, immersed in a typically alpine environment, offer fabulous glimpses towards the Venice lagoon on clear days. The path is flat and always quite wide, you pass small tunnels and under a graceful wooden suspension bridge, which serves to reach a via ferrata.

Around June we find many types of flowers set among the rocks, which almost seem to defy nature. The Meatte trail excursion is quite exposed, therefore not suitable for those who suffer a lot of vertigo, but at the same time perfect for chamois, who run up and down the slopes of these beautiful valleys.

It is a circular tour, which starts from Pian de la Bala up to the Vedetta hut, from where you can reach the Cima delle Mandrie, from here the view over the Berici Hills and the plain is wonderful. For the return you can choose the same route as the outward journey or turn towards the Path of the Trenches, one of the most devastated areas on Grappa mount during the war.

The Meatte Trail Excursion

From this side, the trenches that rise to the front lines on the ridges are still visible, half hidden, so as to escape the constant fire of the Austro-Hungarian army. The excursion is suitable for anyone, the route is quite popular with strollers and families, thanks also to the well-maintained road surface.

Pay attention to the ice that forms during the winter. We recommend a calm pace, to enjoy the wonderful landscape that will surround you.

  • Info Meatte Trail Excursion
    Departure: Pian de le Bala 1,380 meters
    Arrival: Pian de le Bala 1,380 meters
    Duration: 3:00 h
    Difference in altitude: 240 meters
    CAI trail sign: 152
    Difficulty: E (Medium - Hikers)
    Lunch / Dinner: At Malga Vedetta - Packed
    Suitable for: Families, Dogs, Hikers
    Notes: Presence of short exposed sections, a sure step is required.


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Famous for the nicknames about cats.


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The Veneto Region, nestled in the north-east of Italy, is a mix of history and traditions and, all of it, is enriched by the liveliness of its inhabitants and by a wide range of typical products all to be savored. From the highest peaks of the Dolomites, he embraces and welcomes each visitor with brotherly warmth, accommodating him among the many lounges of his cities of art, giving him unforgettable emotions. Turning between the pages of this site, you can organize your next holidays in the Veneto region and thanks to the many photos published, everything will be very simple.


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