The San Pantalon Church is one of the few churches in Venezia to have an incomplete facade and, probably, it is precisely for this reason that it owes its fame. It is located in the lively district of Dorsoduro, not far from Campo Santa Margherita.

San Pantalon Church

The real Italian name is San Pantaleone, or also called San Pantaleo, who was a Christian doctor who suffered martyrdom during the fury and abuse of Diocletian, around 305 - 305. San Pantaleone is the patron saint of doctors and midwives, adored and loved in many Christian churches, also for having exercised the profession of doctor without asking for compensation.

The San Pantalon Church

The main feature of this late 17th century church is its ceiling: dark, threatening and characterized by remarkable illusionistic effects. According to some, it is the largest painting on canvas in the world, with its 443 square meters, and includes a total of forty scenes depicting the martyrdom and apotheosis of the doctor San Pantaleone.

Unlike other ceiling decorations, the events depicted here seem to fall directly on the walls and spectators. The creator of all this is the artist Gian Antonio Fumiani, who took 24 years, from 1680 to 1704, to complete this incredible masterpiece.

Other important works are the San Pantalon which heals a boy, from 1587 and the last work of Paolo Veronese, and it is also possible to see a Madonna of Loreto, a wooden sculpture and some frescoes by Pietro Longhi. The prestigious organ on the entrance door is by Gaetano Callido, built in 1803.


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