In this article, we discuss the Bruto Carestiato Rifugio excursion, an interesting route immersed in the Agordina valley of the Zoldo Dolomites.

The Bruto Carestiato Rifugio excursion is a pleasant walk through green valleys and dense mysterious woods of the wild Dolomites of Zoldo. The view is breathtaking, and ranges from the lush Val Corpassa which is protected by the imposing Civetta group, with its Venice and Trieste towers, to the rugged and jagged peaks of the Moiazza group.

Bruto Carestiato Rifugio Excursion

A particularly evocative and wild area, it has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO together with the Zoldo Dolomites. The Moiazza Group is a mountain range of the Zoldo Dolomites and is located between the Civetta Group and the San Sebastiano-Tamer Group, between Agordo and Zoldo Alto. Its most impressive peaks are the Moiazza Sud, of 2,878 meters, and the Cima delle Sasse of 2,878 meters.

Bruto Carestiato Rifugio Excursion

The element that most enhances the architecture of these wonderful valleys are the Tabià, buildings where they were once used as barns or stables, today they have found a new use. The oldest examples date back to the mid-1600s, typically made of wood on a stone base, with the typical blockbau system, where the trunks are overlapped and interlocked, or the standerbau system, in which the load-bearing trunks were placed vertically and those of support horizontally.

These typical buildings contained the kitchen, the stua and the rooms for milk processing on the ground floor, while in the upper part there were the bedrooms, accessible from the outside. In the back of the tabià there was the cattle and the barn. Today, these characteristic buildings of the Belluno valleys have been transformed into prestigious private residences or suggestive holiday homes.

Bruto Carestiato Rifugio Excursion

The Bruto Carestiato Rifugio excursion starts from Passo Duran, where we can park our car in the dedicated areas along the road, a pass that connects the Agordina valley with the typical mountain village Forno di Zoldo. The CAI path 549 begins immediately behind the Cesare Tomè refuge, among the green meadows of the valley we reach the junction with the forest road, where we turn as indicated in the signs on the left. The walk continues gently through the Moiazza woods and accompanied by magnificent views of Mount San Sebastiamo and the Agordina valley.

Bruto Carestiato Rifugio Excursion

The high rocky walls and the mountain pine bushes accompany us to the Bruto Carestiato Rifugio at 1,834 meters. The refuge is located in an excellent strategic point where it dominates the entire valley from above, guaranteeing an unforgettable view. From here there are also several routes that cross this huge mountain group, including some via ferratas that lead to the top of Moiazza Sud, at 2,878 meters, the most famous and difficult of these is the Gianni Costantini via ferrata.

Bruto Carestiato Rifugio Excursion

The excursion is suitable for anyone, despite this the mountains must always be respected and attended with seriousness, there are many guides available to accompany you in case you do not feel completely safe. The route is always very popular with people on a walk and also with families. Pay attention to the ice that forms during the coldest periods. We recommend a calm pace, to enjoy the wonderful landscape that will surround you.

  • Info Bruto Carestiato Rifugio Excursion
  • Start: Duran Pass 1.601 meters
  • Arrival: Bruto Carestiato Rifugio 1,834 meters
  • Duration: 1:15 h
  • Difference in altitude: 230 meters
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Signpost Number: CAI 549
  • Lunch / Dinner: At Rifugio if open / Packed
  • Suitable for: Hikers, Families, Snowshoeing, Dogs


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