The Vicenza Squares are also called the salons of the city, thanks to the elegance of its buildings, to the many clubs and shops that we can admire and above all to the liveliness of its inhabitants.

The Vicenza Squares

Places of passage, a crossroads of business and free time, the square is the cornerstone of the life of the city, and of all its historical center, witness of great events and manifestations that have marked the course of history.

The Vicenza Squares

The Signori Square is the artistic, commercial and business center of Vicenza. Originally a Roman forum, today it has become an elegant and solemn square where a colorful market is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It is surrounded, so as to seem almost protected, by important buildings, such as the Palladian Basilica to the south, the Capitaniato Loggia to the north and, finally, to the east by the two Columns of the Square, both carved in the elegant white marble of Chiampo.

The Vicenza Squares

In particular, one of the two columns is surmounted by a winged lion with the gospel according to San Marco between the claws, which reports, "Pax tibi Marce evangelista meus" (Peace to you or Marco, my evangelist), who has the task to witness the period in which the Lordship of Venice ruled.

The smaller Erbe Square is located south of the Palladian Basilica and is dominated by the medieval Girone Tower. The latter, also called Tormento Tower because it was once used as a prison, is connected to the Basilica through the Arch of the Registry, which was built in 1494 by Zanon Marchesini. Today the square is a meeting point for young people thanks to the numerous clubs and restaurants.

The Biade Square is located north of the Palladian Basilica, between the two white Venetian columns and the municipality of Vicenza. Once, in this small square the market of minor products was held, in fact in 1262 it was called Biava Square, because here the market of cereals used as fodder and that of seeds took place.

Another piece of history that has been lost over time is Vino Square, a continuation of Biade Square, where in front of the Servi church, there was the wine market. The building that stands out in this square is the church of San Michele in Santa Maria, also called the Servi, because it is part of the same order as the Serviti of the Mount Berico Basilica.


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