The Mother’s Dumplings

Canederli della mamma

In this article we talk about the delicious mother’s dumplings, a very tasty traditional dish typical of Central and Eastern Europe. The mother’s dumplings are large typical gnocchi, made with simple ingredients and can be cooked in a thousand different ways according to tastes and areas. Each mother has her own secret for the preparation …

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Bigoli with Duck

Bigoli all'Anatra

In this article we discuss bigoli with duck, one of the most famous and appreciated first courses in the entire Veneto region. Bigoli with duck are one of the most typical dishes of Vicenza cuisine, simply prepared with soft wheat, eggs, water and salt. They have the shape of large spaghetti, but not holed, traditionally …

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Risi and Bisi

In this article we discuss one of the most famous and characteristic dishes of the Veneto region, appreciated also by the most critics, the popular risi and bisi. Risi and Bisi (Rice and Peas) seems like a play on words, but it is one of the most typical dishes of Venetian cuisine, based on rice …

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Polastro in Tecia

In this chapter we present one of the typical dishes of the Venetian cuisine, typical and tasty, simple and characteristic, the Polastro in Tecia. Polastro in Tecia, better known as Chicken in the Pot, is one of the most typical and characteristic dishes of Venetian cuisine, so much so that it is defined as a …

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