Polastro in Tecia

In this chapter we present one of the typical dishes of the Venetian cuisine, typical and tasty, simple and characteristic, the Polastro in Tecia. Polastro in Tecia, better known as Chicken in the Pot, is one of the most typical and characteristic dishes of Venetian cuisine, so much so that it is defined as a …

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The Padova City Center

In this chapter we will discuss one of the oldest cities in Italy, the Padova city center preserves great treasures, great traditions and also great values. The Padova City Center, probably founded in 1186 BC, is one of the oldest cities in Italy and, thanks to its 3000 years of history, can boast great historical-artistic …

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The Padova Province, the most populated in the Veneto region, has always been a territory rich in resources, top-quality food and wine products and a destination for great artists and free thinkers. It is a predominantly flat area, crossed by numerous waterways and characterized by remarkable agricultural landscapes. Picturesque villages, abbeys and historic villas enrich …

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