The Walk to Brenta River

La Passeggiata del Fiume Brenta

In this arctic we treat the walk to Brenta river, a relaxing and pleasant path that follows the course of the Brenta river. The walk to Brenta River is a lovely walk that winds through the graceful melodies of the incessant stream, which descends lively along the high rocky walls of the Valsugana, then crossing …

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The Alta Via del Tabacco

In this chapter we discuss the excursion of the Alta via del Tabacco, a spectacular journey immersed in stories, legends and nature. The Alta via del Tabacco is a historic route located in the Vicentine Pre-Alps along the Valsugana, more precisely on the right side of the Brenta River. This suggestive path traces some ancient …

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White Asparagus and Eggs

In this chapter we present one of the simplest and most characteristic recipes of the upper Vicenza area, the famous White Asparagus and Eggs. The White Asparagus DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) has always been one of the most sought after and appreciated typical products by the people of Bassano, thanks to the simplicity in …

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Asparago Bianco from Bassano

In this chapter we discuss one of the most characteristic and sought after products of the province of Vicenza, with a sweet and bitter taste, the Asparago Bianco from Bassano. Asparago Bianco from Bassano, a delight from the upper Vicenza area, is one of the excellence of the Veneto region, typical especially of Bassano del …

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The Grappa Mount

The Grappa Mount, 1775 meters, is the main peak of the homonymous mountain group and is located in the Venetian Pre-Alps between the Brenta canal, the Piave valley and the Feltre territory. The base of the massif consists of a steep and often eroded dolomite, which rises up to about 1000 meters, on which extend …

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Villa Angarano

In this chapter we discuss one of the wonders of Vicenza and one of the most famous works by Andrea Palladio, Villa Angarano. Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel is one of the Palladian wonders of the Vicenza area, located north of Bassano del Grappa in the Contrà San Eusebio, at the mouth of the Valsugana. The …

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