The Walk to Brenta River

La Passeggiata del Fiume Brenta

In this arctic we treat the walk to Brenta river, a relaxing and pleasant path that follows the course of the Brenta river. The walk to Brenta River is a lovely walk that winds through the graceful melodies of the incessant stream, which descends lively along the high rocky walls of the Valsugana, then crossing …

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Calà del Sasso Excursion

In this chapter we discuss the Calà del Sasso excursion, one of the most extraordinary and characteristic routes in the world, do not miss it. The Calà del Sasso excursion is a fascinating and at the same time quite difficult route, in fact, few other areas in the world offer the opportunity to face such …

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Covolo di Butistone

In this chapter we discuss one of man’s most incredible and surprising works, located in the heart of Valsugana, the Covolo di Butistone. The Covolo di Butistone is a natural cave suspended on the rocky wall overlooking the Brenta river, located in the narrowest point of the Valsugana in the province of Vicenza. Until the …

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In this chapter we discuss the pretty and particular municipality of Foza, nestled between the mountains of the seven municipalities plateau. Foza is the second highest municipality on the seven municipalities plateau and, like the others, has been directly affected by the First World War, so much so that it was completely razed. This small …

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In this chapter we discuss the famous and characteristic village of Enego, destination of many tourists for summer or winter holidays. The municipality of Enego is the easternmost of the Asiago plateau, overlooking its spectacular terrace on the grandiose Valsugana and on the right bank of the Brenta river. Precisely for this strategic position, over …

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In this chapter we discuss one of the most beautiful villages in Valsugana, located along the Brenta river and between the high rocky walls, Valstagna. Going up the Valsugana Valley we arrive at the town of Valstagna, a lively and characteristic village, which extends on the right side of the Brenta river. In the past …

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