Moriago della Battaglia

In this chapter we discuss one of the most marked areas in Italy, where many soldiers lost their lives during the Great War, Moriago della Battaglia. The small town of Moriago della Battaglia, located north of the river Piave and Montello, is home to a monumental and natural area of ​​112 hectares called Island of … Read more


In this chapter we will discuss one of the most famous and characteristic places of Treviso, the birthplace of the great Antonio Canova, Possagno. Possagno, the birthplace of Antonio Canova, houses both the famous Canovian temple and the plaster casts gallery with terracotta sketches and plaster models of his most famous works. In particular, the … Read more


In this chapter we discuss one of the most aristocratic and characteristic villages of the entire province of Belluno: we are talking about Mel. The city of Mel is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy situated in the heart of the Valbelluna on the left bank of the Piave river and, halfway between … Read more

Martiri Square

In this chapter we discuss the largest square in the city, surrounded by numerous buildings and where many activities take place, Martiri Square. Martiri Square, like many other Venetian squares, is considered the “living room” of the city and the hub of commercial life, fairs and parades. It has an elongated shape, with colorful Venetian … Read more

Pieve di Cadore

In this chapter we discuss one of the most characteristic villages of all the Dolomites, a native town of the great Tiziano, Pieve di Cadore. Pieve di Cadore, the main town and most notable historical-artistic center of Cadore, rises on a hilly promontory to the right of the Piave river, is forty kilometers north-east of … Read more