Hiking Around Tre Cime di Lavaredo

In this article we discuss the fascinating hiking around Tre Cime di Lavaredo, a memorable sight that only these areas can offer. The hiking around Tre Cime di Lavaredo is undoubtedly the most loved, most popular and most beautiful tour of all the Dolomites, a World Heritage Site. In fact, the route is fairly flat, …

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Nervesa della Battaglia

Nervesa della Battaglia is a small town in the province of Treviso, which was completely destroyed by the Austrian artillery, so much so that it was considered the epicenter of bloody close battles. It is a pretty town located on the eastern slopes of the Montello hill, not far from the course of the Piave …

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In this chapter we deal with one of the countries that are part of the Seven Municipalities Plateau, a lively and welcoming place: Lusiana. Lusiana is a pretty town that is located in the southernmost part of the Asiago plateau, and directly overlooks the immense Vicenza plain. From where, on clear days, you can enjoy …

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Tre Cime di Lavaredo

In this chapter we discuss one of the most known and visited areas in the world, famous for its profile and the high cliffs, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The Tre Cime di Lavaredo, located along the border line between the province of Belluno and Bolzano, are the symbol of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage …

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The Ortigara Mount

In this chapter we discuss one of those places that have marked history and its memory remains indelible within us, Ortigara Mount. The Ortigara Mount is a mountain of the 2,105 m high Alps located along the border between Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige, in the northern part of the Seven Municipalities Plateau. It is famous …

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In this chapter we are talking about Asiago, one of the most beautiful and attractive city on the seven municipalities plateau. «Asiago: the smallest and brightest town of Italy»: with this sentence Gabriele D’Annunzio described well Asiago which has always been the most important town for the plateau and has become a reference point over …

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