Nervesa della Battaglia is a small town in the province of Treviso, which was completely destroyed by the Austrian artillery, so much so that it was considered the epicenter of bloody close battles.

Nervesa della Battaglia

It is a pretty town located on the eastern slopes of the Montello hill, not far from the course of the Piave river. An ideal place to spend a peaceful day, away from stress, immersed in the history of the great wars, in a territory that protects biodiversity, considering it one of the main factors for obtaining exclusive DOCG wines and excellent food and wine products.

Nervesa della Battaglia

To visit we find the Military Shrine of Montello, of considerable size, is one of the many examples of commemoration of the fallen of the Great War that arose during Fascism. In particular, this is a 25-meter tower that rests on a reinforced concrete base that is clearly visible from afar.

Nervesa della Battaglia

To enter it is necessary to pass the large staircase where some pieces of artillery dating back to the Great War were placed. Inside it collects the remains of almost ten thousand soldiers, who were previously buried in a hundred cemeteries scattered along the front of the Piave river.

Nervesa della Battaglia

In the immediate vicinity we find the abbey of Sant 'Eustachio, a Benedictine monastery suppressed in the sixteenth century and, currently in ruins, stands in a strategic place, in an elevated position and protected by the forest. Also near the Shrine of Nervesa della Battaglia we find the Sacellum dedicated to the aviator Francesco Baracca, one of the most famous personalities, gold medals for military valor during the First World War, he is credited with 34 aerial victories.

Nervesa della Battaglia

Shot down on June 19, 1918 during the Battle of the Solstice on Montello, while shooting at low altitude with his plane. Even today, there are too many mysteries shrouded in his death, the Italian version claims that the Major was killed by a shot fired from the ground, while the Austrian version declares the shooting down of Francesco Baracca by an Austrian reconnaissance plane, other sources they talk about suicide in order not to fall into enemy hands.


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