Venetian Works of Defence

Opere di difesa veneziane

In this article we discuss Venetian works of defence, extraordinary constructions built to support and defend the expansion of the Serenissima. The Venetian works of defence are extraordinary structures located on a transnational serial site that embraces the largest and most innovative defensive networks built by the Republic of Venice, powerful masonry buildings with extraordinary …

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In this chapter we discuss the beautiful beach of Sottomarina, located a few steps from the wonderful historic city of Chioggia. Sottomarina, a tourist resort overlooking the Adriatic Sea, is nestled between the Venice lagoon and the Po Delta Regional Park and is also just a few steps away from the wonderful city of Chioggia …

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In this chapter we discuss one of the most beautiful, curious and characteristic cities of the province of Venezia, a real precious jewel, Chioggia. Chioggia is a nice and lively seaside town, its Venetian-style buildings that rise on the canals and its ancient bridge seem to almost evoke the times of the Doges and the Serenissima …

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The Venezia Islands

In this chapter we talk about the marvelous of the Venezia islands, capturing the more characteristic and intimate moments. The Venetian Lagoon, surrounded by myths and superstitions, was once reserved for fishermen and hunters. Only from the 5th century AD the first inhabitants of the mainland settled there, forced to seek refuge elsewhere, following the …

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The Polesine


The Polesine looks like a very charming landscape, with a fascinating lacework of canals, an uninterrupted sequence of entangles banks, evanescent horizons and a wild and rich nature. Water is the dominant element of the territory thanks to the many routes of communication, the irrigation of crops and the fact of being a continuous source …

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The Venezia Province holds an artistic and cultural heritage like few other areas in the world, its lagoon has been the cradle of local civilization and its coastline offers renowned seaside resorts. This province, rich in resources, hides elegant villas and pretty villages, even if the most precious and brilliant stone is represented by the …

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