In this article we present the courses of the Kite Otto School in Belluno, a unique and exciting experience. Try flying on the water with Kitesurf at Lake Santa Croce.

To understand kitesurfing, in my opinion, it is good to start from the name. After years of practicing this sport, you have a very long collection of really funny cripples: sky-surfing, kayt, skie ... Actually remembering the name is simple: you take a kite (kite in English) big enough to be able to tow us and you fly in the air, and then you put a surfboard on your feet. Another variant, perhaps more correct, is kite-board, in which surfing is replaced by a board, that is, a board, with different characteristics and shapes.

Kitesurf at Santa Croce Lake

Obviously, in addition to our beautiful kite and our table, we must add a large body of water, perhaps with waves to "ride", from the English verb to ride, that's why among great PRO and sports lovers we call ourselves a rider or kiter. There are also other sister disciplines in which kite is also used on other surfaces, such as snow-kite, to go in the winter on snow, and landboard-kite, to get dragged on any type of terrain supported by a kind of skateboard.

Kitesurf at Santa Croce Lake

Another fundamental element of the kite, which can be deduced from the use of the kite, is the wind: the true king of kitesurfing. On him depends on the success or failure of a session, the choice of the size of the sail, the ability to go faster or slower or to jump high. And with the wind, two ladies who are often named when it comes to kiting come into play: passion and patience.

Kitesurfing, in fact, gives a lot of emotions, but it is linked to the weather conditions. It is not a sport that can always be practiced, as soon as you feel the desire or the need - such as running or volleyball - but there must be all the right conditions, and often this means waiting, full weeks of lean, fatigue and kilometers empty. It is a sport that requires dedication, but that repays it with incredible emotions.


Kitesurf at Santa Croce Lake

In my opinion, the kite has something magical and enchanting. Those who manage to overcome the stumbling block of basic learning (which is not easy but not hard) and have the opportunity to buy the first equipment (which is certainly not cheap) immediately become dependent on the kite. There is nothing you can do, experience the thrill and the sense of freedom to fly over the water, using only natural elements, the desire to try again these sensations is irrepressible.

We are eager for the weekend to arrive and we constantly check all the wind forecasts. I find that it is splendid, for once, in this super technological world of augmented reality and ski slopes in the middle of the desert, where you can always do what you want, having to submit to nature and its rules. We are also perfectly in line with current trends: kiting is an ecological sport and often leads you to get to know and appreciate wild and little known places.

Kitesurf at Santa Croce Lake

Veneto is full of interesting spots (that's how the places where you can practice this sport are called). First I would recommend Lake Santa Croce, the place we have chosen as the main location of our school (editor's note: www.scuolakiteotto.it), but where there are many others that are equally valid and well known.

Santa Croce is in fact a natural lake, artificially enlarged in the thirties, with splendid green-turquoise waters. Surrounded by mountains and woods, on clear days it reflects the mountain sky on the surface, giving the ideal scenario for photographers and instagrammers. We are in the province of Belluno, in the Alpago area, famous for the Cansiglio forest. The environment is mountainous, the area is clean, but in the municipality of Farra d’Alpago, in the summer, it almost seems to be at the sea.

A large grassy lawn is filled with beach towels and umbrellas, the stony beach slopes down to the water and children and parents jump into the fresh water to swim, SUP, play. There are Beach bars with straw umbrellas, gazebos selling ice creams and smoothies, mini-markets. Not to mention the many events organized: from sport - with soapy soccer and rugby tournaments, running and trial competitions - to gastronomy, with many local festivals, such as the unmissable one dedicated to the Alpago lamb.


Kitesurf at Santa Croce Lake

It is an area really rich in beauty, I think many tourists and Venetians should take the time to visit it, also to avoid the Sunday queues that are created by returning from the seaside resorts!

Lake Santa Croce is called the lake of the wind, precisely because the physical conformation of the place creates the ideal conditions for what is called the thermal wind. The thermal wind is not a real wind like the Bora or the Scirocco, but a breeze that is formed due to the difference in temperature and pressure between two areas, such as water and the ground and the plain and mountains.

For non-professionals, just know that on sunny days from spring to autumn it is almost certain that the wind will arrive, with more or less intensity depending on the temperature difference. Often an exception is represented by August, when it is hot even in the mountains and therefore the breeze cannot create itself, if not in a very light way.

This is obviously a great advantage for a kite school like ours, which can therefore count on a very high probability of closing lessons.

Starting from October, however, both for the water temperature a little too low, and because the water level drops significantly due to the needs of the hydroelectric basin, Lake Santa Croce is no longer suitable for the needs of the kiters and we move to the sea, to enjoy the autumn perturbations.

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