Cologna Veneta is a small town located among the green crops south of the province of Verona and has always played an important role in the agricultural world. Internationally known and envied for its excellent almond, a typical and refined Christmas cake that is produced with honey, sugar, egg whites and almonds.

Cologna Veneta

It is believed that since the times of the Republic of Venice it was customary to eat this characteristic dessert, in fact some writings of the period prove the custom.

Cologna Veneta

For example, Alvise Zorzi, a Venetian writer and nobleman, reports in one of his books, Daily life in Venezia in Titian's century, that “In the sixteenth century there were other customary gifts: the Easter focaccia, the Mandorlato and the Christmas mustard, chestnuts and quince of St. Martin's day ", between these lines, the author reports the moments of his daily life.

Cologna Veneta

To visit in Cologna Veneta we find the Civic Tower, built in 1555 all in bricks, originally it was one of the twelve towers with two wooden floors, in the city walls. Later on, a sacred effigy of the Madonna was set in the façade overlooking Mazzini Square.

Cologna Veneta

Pretorio Palace, the ancient residence of Pretori and Governors of Cologna, seems to have been built at the behest of the last representative of the Scaliger dynasty Cansignorio della Scala. During the domination of the Republic of Venice, it became the residence of the Podestà, the nobleman who in turn for almost two years represented the highest authority in the city.


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