The lively Campo Santa Margherita has recently become the favorite meeting point for residents, thanks also to the proximity of the Ca 'Foscari University, and to the many tourists from all over the world, all attracted to shops, pizzerias, bookstores and clubs offering live music and shows in the summer.

Campo Santa Margherita

The square also teems with life in the morning, with children playing and the elderly relaxing on the bench, while the small and characteristic market is in full swing.

Campo Santa Margherita

But it is in the evening that the square is electrified, with hundreds of girls and boys who go from one place to another, to fully enjoy the Venetian nightlife. A perfect place to join and make new friends, and to keep the city alive, which begins to feel the weight of its years.

Campo Santa Margherita

One of the local rituals is the aperitif, whether it is a shadow of wine or a spritz, it does not matter, the important thing is not to give it up and not to overdo it too much though. A moment of exchange, to have a laugh or simply to discuss with a friend, perhaps before dinner, during Happy Hour.

Campo Santa Margherita

Campo Santa Margherita is located in one of the most beautiful and dynamic areas of the city, in the Dorsoduro district. The origin of the name is attributed to the church of Santa Margherita erected in the ninth century, located north of the field and named after one of the first Christian martyrs.

Over the years it has been transformed into an auditorium belonging to the university, and the bell tower truncated on the opposite side, after various modifications was suppressed in 1810. Once the church had a structure with three naves, with a characteristic chapel decorated with mosaics , dating back to the Byzantine period.


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