The origins date back to the first half of the twelfth century, when Ensedisio II, of the Lombard family of Collalto, settled permanently on the hill of Susegana, where the first manor was built.


Some time later, the great watchtower was raised, which still stands today among the ancient remains. The Counts of Collalto were great military leaders in the service of the emperor, despite the constant contrasts with the da Camino, who dominated the high Treviso area during the thirteenth century.


Over time, the Castle of San Salvatore underwent numerous changes, which transformed it from a fortified medieval building into a complex complex. In those years Rambaldo VIII obtained full political and administrative jurisdiction of the county, for himself and for all heirs. The latter expanded rapidly, so as to be considered one of the largest castles in northern Italy, with its thirty thousand square meters of fortress, palaces and village, all enclosed by a double wall. Embanked throughout the Middle Ages, the castle saw the flowering of an extraordinary artistic season, with painters, poets, musicians and writers.


Inside we find the Old Chapel, which houses the cycle of frescoes by Pordenone while the palaces are enriched with works by the great Venetian masters of the time, Cima da Conegliano thought to embellish it all, who portrayed the castle in the background of some of his paintings. The fortress of Susegana was particularly damaged during the First World War, between 1917 and 1918, only in the second half of the twentieth century, a long meticulous restoration and reconstruction work, gave the complex its identity.

A legend tells of Count Tolberto Collalto, who married Chiara from the da Camino family, to reconcile the relationship of secular hatred. Having to leave for the war, Tolberto, on the day of his departure, went to greet his wife in the bedroom. Bianca was with her, a servant who was combing her hair. The girl, the daughter of an employee, had become very fond of the count, and on that occasion she was moved by seeing him leave.

The Prosecco

The wife, seated in front of the mirror, saw Tolberto holding the hand of the young servant in tears. At that moment he was silent, but after the knight's farewell, blinded by jealousy, he had the girl imprisoned by the guards, and ordered to wall her alive in a tower of the castle.

Upon returning, Tolberto, having learned of the incident, chased his wife. From that day it is said that Bianca's ghost wanders around the castle, disturbing the Collalto family, announcing their joys, if dressed in white, or misfortunes, if dressed in black.

  • Info San Salvatore Castle
  • Place: Susegana - Treviso
  • Address: via Sottocroda
  • Phone: 0438 435020
  • Visits:
  • By reservation for groups min. 20 people
    Extraordinary openings for individual visits by invitation
    (to receive invitation - send request email)


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