The Treviso Walls, they are one of the symbols of the historic center, loved and admired by the people of Treviso and by many tourists who visit the city.

The Treviso Walls

About five kilometers long, these imposing structures in the shadow of the ancient horse chestnuts are almost completely intact, and run along the entire perimeter of the city.

They were designed in 1509 by engineer Giovanni Monsignori, known as Fra' Giocondo, to protect the town from the attack of the Lega Cambrai. Unlike the medieval walls that had eleven doors, these, from the sixteenth century, they have only three and, in particular, are:

The Treviso Walls

San Tommaso Gate to the north, white and imposing, with a large entrance arch surmounted by a winged lion, Porta Santi Quaranta in the west, dedicated to the Forty martyrs of Sebaste, the Christian soldiers who refused, during the persecution of Licinius in Armenia, to honor the idols and were thus punished at the stake and, finally, the Altinia Gate to the south, whose name is linked to the Roman city of Altino.

The Treviso Walls

The fourteenth-century walls made with cooked bricks and without too many supports inside, were designed to defend themselves from medieval assault techniques, such as catapults, tortoises and rams. Traits of this ancient wall can still be seen near the Altinia gate, built next to the previous medieval gate whose vaults resist.

The Treviso Walls

Today what remains of the defensive structure is a beautiful tree-lined avenue, flanked by a long and charming canal, where you can walk with the family and enjoying the view of the city. In the summer, food and wine events and typical products are organized along these 500 year old walls, as well as becoming the scene of cultural and musical events.

The Treviso Walls


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