The Wines of the Veneto Region

In this article we treat the wines of the Veneto region, produced in an area of 78,200 hectares, between mountains, hills and plains and with a production of 8,989,000 hectoliters of excellent wine, which qualifies as the largest and most productive wine region of Italy. It all started with the Venetians who undertook the first …

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The Valpolicella

In this chapter we present one of the excellences of the Veneto region, a red wine suitable for any occasion, pleasant and harmonious, Valpolicella. Valpolicella is one of the most loved and consumed wines in the world, thanks to its ruby red color, its pleasant aroma and its velvety flavor. It is a DOC (Denomination …

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Recioto from Valpolicella

In this chapter we present a dessert wine that marries every kind of sweet, velvety and delicate like few others, the Recioto from Valpolicella. The Recioto from Valpolicella is a sweet raisin red wine among the most celebrated nationally, a prestigious and characteristic wine, appreciated all over the world. It fits right into the Olympus …

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The Ways of Prosecco Wine

If you’ve never been in the Ways of Prosecco wine, what are you waiting for? Embroidered hills, pretty villages and typical products are waiting for you! The ways of Prosecco wine winds through green hills embroidered by the skilled hands of the farmers from the Valdobbiadene area to Conegliano for 47 kilometers. These grapevines, of …

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