The Walk to Lake Fimon

In this chapter we discuss a unique and enchanting territory, one of the most interesting naturalistic environments, the Walk to Lake Fimon. The walk to Lake Fimon could prove to be truly unique and enchanting, we advise you to organize yourself well, in order to avoid the processions of Sunday afternoons, especially in spring and …

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Soprèssa Vicentina

In this chapter we discuss one of the best products of the Veneto region, one of the most loved and known in the world, the Soprèssa Vicentina. Soprèssa Vicentina is one of the most sought after and tasted typical products of the Veneto Region, an excellence that further enhances the province of Vicenza. This typical …

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Madonna’s Sanctuary of Mount Berico

The Madonna’s Sanctuary of Mount Berico is located on the top of a hill, a few kilometers away from the historic center of Vicenza. It represents the northernmost part of the complex complex of the famous Berici Hills, a natural group of hilly reliefs. The main place of worship and pilgrimage of the city of …

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