The Vicenza Cathedral or Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunciata is the most important place of worship in the city, and a bishop's seat, that is, the most important seat of the diocese, of which it represents the liturgical and spiritual center.

The Vicenza Cathedral

It is a building particularly characterized by the Venetian Gothic style, which is located in Duomo Square. Built in the thirteenth century, on the site of a pre-existing early Christian church of the fifth century, of which important ruins are preserved below the current pavement.

The Vicenza Cathedral

The Gothic facade of the sixteenth century, is attributed to Domenico da Venezia, is divided into four parts, the first is characterized by the five large deep arches, the second made from scores of pilasters, that is, with a light architectural order placed next to the wall, the third practically all flat and the fourth adorned with five beautiful statues and two small pinnacles added.

Thanks to the Venetian Republic and to Bishop Zeno, in 1558, the dome of the cathedral was built, and in 1563 the side portal by the great architect Andrea Palladio.

The Vicenza Cathedral

The Gothic interior was rebuilt after the last conflict with a single nave, characterized by very low cross vaults, in relation to the width of the side chapels. Going up the staircase you enter the magnificent presbytery, which preserves 29 palettes with the Dormitio Virginis and figures of the saints of Venetian Lorenzo of 1366.

In the center we find the high altar, made with precious stones and marbles, by Giovanni di Giacomo from Porlezza and Girolamo Pittoni from Lumignano.

The Vicenza Cathedral

In the vast basement of the cathedral, on the other hand, there are the remains of numerous pre-existing buildings, including a domus ecclesiae, a private building where the first Christians gathered, a Roman house, a church from the 8th century Lombard age, the remains of a 12th century Roman church and a 13th century Gothic church.
On the opposite side we find traces of a Roman road and an always Roman military stone, which bears dedicatory inscriptions by the city of Vicenza to the emperor Graziano.

The Vicenza Cathedral


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