Isola della Scala is a small and lively city located along the course of the Tartaro river, which marked the history of this dynamic inhabited center over the centuries. In fact, in the Roman period, the area was mainly a swamp, occupying most of the territory of the lower Veronese, so as to lead almost to the isolation of the small districts and villages, hence the name, Insula Cenensis.

Isola della Scala

Often not very hospitable areas, where wild nature controls the rhythms of the days, and the abundance of water did not facilitate the settlement of man. Although the first settlements date back to the Bronze Age, this territory managed to develop only during the Roman Empire, and thanks to the passage of the Via Claudia Augusta.

Isola della Scala

It is a Roman road built by General Augustus in the first century AD, to try to put the Roman world in communication with the Germanic one, in fact the road started from the Po Valley, crossed the imposing Alps up to Bavaria. Only after a few centuries, with the installation of the Benedictine monks and thanks to his work on the reclamation of the agricultural territory, there was a small improvement.

To visit on the Isola della Scala we find the Scaligera Tower or what remains of an ancient castle that emerged in the middle of the marshes in the eleventh century, strengthened by the Scaligeri, with a mighty tower that controlled access to the city. What we see today is an important restructuring work carried out in 1839.

Isola della Scala

The Bastìa Sanctuary is found lost in the island countryside, built in 1126 on the ruins of an ancient bastion that supported a probable fortification. Hence the name "Bastia" or a shelter that could date back to the '400 AD, made by the local rural populations.

Valli Grandi Veronesi

Today this small church preserves frescoes of the fifteenth century, and is also a place where a wooden statue of the Madonna is venerated, which according to popular tradition is believed to be miraculous. Do not miss in September the Isola della Scala Rice Fair, a great event dedicated to rice and risotto, which attracts fans and great chefs from different regions of Italy.


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