The Roman Theater is one of the best preserved theaters in Italy, and in addition to being an archaeological museum, and home to the Verona Summer Theater, with numerous shows that have been taking place interrupted since 1948.

The Roman Theater

Built at the foot of Colle di San Pietro, at the beginning of the 1st century AD, in this place which turned out to be perfect, both from the point of view of the conformity of the land and for the scenographic aspect with respect to the city.

Despite major restoration works, the splendor of the theater that can be used today does not express all the original majesty of the building, which looked like a closed building, but without a roof, and completed by numerous columns, like in a Roman temple.

The Roman Theater

Inside there was a large semicircular staircase, with a large stage closed at the bottom, by some sections of cities or houses, from which the actors came out during the shows. To build it, the entire hill was modified, sculpting an upside-down semicircle in the hill, to obtain the two steps. On its top, in Roman times, there was a temple, on which over the years a paleochristian church was built and later a medieval castle.

Among the various views of the theater, there is one of the bridges built by the Romans, the only one of the three that survived us, even if in 1945 the Germans during a retreat blew part of it to speed up the escape, despite this, it came meticulously rebuilt.

Pietra Bridge - The Roman Theater

The Pietra bridge is the most beautiful and evocative of the city, it was built to replace the existing wooden bridge, one of the seven that crossed the Adige river in Roman times. At that time, it connected the ordinary route of the Via Postumia with the hill opposite.

The shape today is very different from the original one, the numerous floods and the various collapses followed by as many reconstructions, have given the current donkey-back configuration with asymmetrical arches.


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