Lazise, a small and charming village on Lake Garda, attracts many travelers from all over the world thanks to its characteristics and peculiarities.


Nestled along the Venetian shore of the lake, in the province of Verona, it ensures a mild climate all year round, where you can fully breathe the holiday air, thanks to the colorful boats and copious blooms of its port.

This picturesque village, with a clear medieval imprint, seems to fully enjoy its size, since it is all gathered around its modest port and well protected by its castle.


In fact, it is thanks to the castle and its walls that it became an important merchant base for both the Scaligeri and Venezia, which maintained a large arsenal here. Of the first walled circle, raised for defensive purposes in the 10th century, to defend the raids of the Hungarians, today only the bell tower of the cemetery remains.

It was only later, with the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Henry IV, who granted permission to build the castle, to support and safeguard the ancient village from the incursions, which also began to come from the hinterland.


Over the centuries, these structures were strengthened first by the Scaligeri and then by the Visconti, transforming the small village into a solid commercial and port base. Lazise Castle, one of the best preserved castles in Garda, is made up of two orders of walls, towers and a high keep on which the signs of cannon fire are still evident, surrounded by a magnificent park, desired by Count Buri in the nineteenth century , who made it by weaving his great love for nature with medieval memories.


Today the structure remains privately owned, belonging to the Bernini family, and the majestic complex cannot be visited. The Church of San Nicolò, overlooking the waters of the marina, is in Romanesque style and dates back to the thirteenth century.

Inside it preserves frescoes depicting saints attributed to Giotto's school. Walking along the shores of the lake you can admire the villas of the Venetian aristocracy, which at one time for protection were equipped with robust bastions, lapped by the waters.

Not far from the port we find the Pergolata, a nineteenth-century building raised on the site of an old Franciscan convent, of which the fifteenth-century chapel remains to be admired. In the hamlet of Colà, not far from the center of Lazise, we find one of the most beautiful thermal parks in Italy, built in a magnificent Lombard-style villa among the centuries-old plants, we find the natural thermal springs, which come out of the two lakes from the slopes of the subsoil , 200 meters deep, at a temperature of 33-34 degrees.


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