Ca’ Pesaro Palace is one of the most spectacular and fascinating buildings overlooking the Grand Canal, located in the suggestive Santa Croce district. This imposing palace is a masterpiece of Venetian Baroque civil architecture, purchased by the noble and wealthy Pesaro family, initially it consisted of three medieval palaces.

Ca' Pesaro Palace

The architect wants to convey a new sumptuous harmony, this can be admired from the monumental facade, which is powerful but also balanced, on the upper floors stand out the columns in evidence and the deep arches.

Even the interiors are immediately well cared for, constantly enriched during the works, with fresh and oil decorations on the ceilings. In the seventeenth century, the architect Baldassare Longhena was commissioned for the restoration works, which ended around 1710, when the architect and the owners had long since died.

Ca' Pesaro Palace

However, years and years of work were necessary to make this palace one of the Baroque masterpieces. In the nineteenth century, the Duchess Bevilacqua La Masa, granted the palace to the city, with the aim of displaying works by various Venetian artists who were not yet established.

Today the building houses the International Gallery of Modern Art, owned by the Venezia Biennale, whose collection features works by nineteenth and early twentieth century artists such as Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Gustav Klimt, Paul Klee, Henry Moore, Kandinsky and other important Italian artists such as Vivarini, Bellini, Carpaccio, Tiziano, Giorgione, Tintoretto, in addition to the seventeenth and eighteenth century Venetian artists.

The palace also houses the Oriental Art Museum, a rich collection of Chinese and Japanese artifacts, collected by the count of Bardi during his travels in the 19th century.


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