The Knights Loggia, is a characteristic 13th century Romanesque building of irregular shape, one of the many symbols of the political power of the nobles of Treviso.

The Knights Loggia

It is located in the historic center of the city, between via Martiri della Libertà and via Indipendenza, these two streets represent the ancient Cardo and the ancient Decumanus of what was a precious Roman forum. In particular, this structure was used as a meeting place to play chess or as a venue for the various conferences of the noble class.

The Knights Loggia

The trapezoidal roof was supported, in the center, with an Istrian stone column and, on the sides, by one-piece live stone columns. On each wall there are five large round arches, resting on a brick parapet. Its interior was embellished over time with frescoes, which unfortunately overlapped following the aristocratic riots of the city.

The Knights Loggia

Today the layers of plaster are ruined, but you can still admire some inscriptions in large Romanesque uncial characters, it is an ancient capital writing, used in the 8th century for Byzantine manuscripts and later around the 13th century for headings and titles.

The first representations are probably dated between 1276 and 1277, instead the second layer of decorations are from 1313 and 1314 approximately. The Knights Loggia is located a few steps from the prestigious Trecento Palace and from the city lounge in Signori Square.


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