Weekend in Rovigo

Plan your next weekend in a quiet place, visit a fascinating historic center and its particular beauties, plan your weekend in Rovigo.   The city of Rovigo is the capital of Polesine, it was a meeting point of the Venetian and Ferrarese civilization, still evident today in the porticoed buildings that delimit its natural center …

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The Po Delta Regional Park

The Po Delta Ragional Park

Established in 1997, the Po Delta Regional Park is the largest wetland in Europe and in the Mediterranean area, with about 700 square kilometers of land and water, still evolving today, thanks to the amount of sediments reaching the sea from the Po river. At the mouth of the river, where the fresh and salty …

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The Polesine

The Rovigo Province is characterized by a unique and unexplored landscape, the fertile land of the Polesine, between the two longest rivers in Italy, the Po and Piave river, flaunts a secret beauty in a triumphant and still wild nature. All this is clearly visible in the Regional Park of the Po Delta, the largest …

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