The Venezia Islands

In this chapter we talk about the marvelous of the Venezia islands, capturing the more characteristic and intimate moments. The Venetian Lagoon, surrounded by myths and superstitions, was once reserved for fishermen and hunters. Only from the 5th century AD the first inhabitants of the mainland settled there, forced to seek refuge elsewhere, following the …

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Castello District

The Castello District, the largest and most curious district in Venezia, takes its name from the 8th century fortress that once rose on the island of Olivolo, today called the San Pietro of Castello Island. The church of the island, however, was the episcopal seat from the ninth century and Venezia Cathedral from 1451 to …

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San Marco District

The San Marco District is the oldest and most famous area of Venezia, its monuments, its palaces and its works of art, still testify to the pride and power of the Serenissima. Although this district is the lowest point of the city, and therefore often subject to tides, it is here that the first inhabitants …

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