In this chapter we discuss one of the most beautiful villages in Valsugana, located along the Brenta river and between the high rocky walls, Valstagna.

Valstagna - Vicenza

Going up the Valsugana Valley we arrive at the town of Valstagna, a lively and characteristic village, which extends on the right side of the Brenta river. In the past it was a fluvial and commercial port of the Sette Comuni vicentini (Seven Municipalities of Vicenza) , as the eighteenth-century emblem of the municipality points out.

“… We start from the Val Brenta, underneath sharp little peaks, at the point where the valley – for those coming from Bassano – seems to split in two, at the height of a village called Valstagna, with its wall of old houses on the edge of the embankment “ said Paolo Rumiz.

Valstagna attracts canoe and kayak enthusiasts all over the year, coming from Italy and Europe, and here they have the opportunity to express themselves and practice their favourite sport thanks to the tumultuous paths of the Brenta river. Do not miss the “Palio delle Zattere” characteristic event that takes place on the last Sunday of July.

Behind the village of Valstagna there is a special path called “Calà del Sasso” consisting of 4444 steps and a concave stone channel, which was used to make possible the descent of the trunks. It was commissioned by Gian Galeazzo Visconti XIV, as an alternative to a mule track, with the aim of connecting the village of Valstagna with the hamlet of Sasso di Asiago, on the Seven municipalities plateau.

Another attraction of the area is the Valsugana cycle path, an eighty kilometers path for those who love to enjoy these beautiful landscapes on a bike. This route follows the course of the Brenta river through its high cliffs, green valleys and villages in the valley. The track winds along a mostly flat route that from Bassano del Grappa arrives to Caldonazzo Lake and, for the more athletically inclined people, continues through the Alps and arrives to Germany.

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