Villa Almerico Capra

In this chapter we discuss Villa Almerico Capra, considered by many to be the most elegant and charming villa designed by Andrea Palladio.

Villa Almerico Capra, also known as La Rotonda, is one of the best and most famous works by Andrea Palladio. Built around 1556 for Count Paolo Almerico after his retirement from the Roman curia, it was completed by the two Capra brothers who bought the building in 1591.

Palladio, in order to respect the religious needs of Paolo Almerico, conceived a suburban residence that could be both a quiet haven of meditation and study and also a place with positions of representation. Isolated at the top of a hill the villa is , at the same time, a solid but also elegant structure, in harmony with the landscape that surrounds it, perfectly reflecting the humanist ideals of Renaissance architecture.

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