The Vicenza Squares

In this chapter we discuss about the Vicenza squares, symbol of the city and meeting place for young people and families.

 Signori square is the artistic, commercial and business center of Vicenza. Originally a Roman forum, today it has become an elegant and solemn piazza where a colorful market is held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It is surrounded, so as to seem almost protected, by important buildings, such as the Palladian Basilica to the south, the Loggia of the Capitaniato to the north and finally to the east by the two Columns of Square, both carved in the elegant white marble of Chiampo.

In particular, one of the two columns is surmounted by a winged lion with a book open as a sign of peace, which has the task of witnessing the period in which the city was governed by the Lordship of Venice.

Erbe square is located south of the Palladian Basilica and is dominated by the medieval “Torre del Girone”. The latter, also called Tormento Tower as it was once used as a prison, is connected to the Basilica through the “Arco del Registro” which was built in 1494 by Zanon Marchesini. Today the square is a meeting point for young people thanks to several pubs and restaurants.

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