The Palladian Basilica

In this chapter we discuss the symbolic building of the city of Vicenza, known all over the world for its beauty, the Palladian Basilica.

The Palladian Basilica

The Palladian Basilica is the masterpiece of Andrea Palladio and was built between 1549-1614. The building overlooks Signori Square where the pre-existing gothic palace of Domenico da Venezia was enriched by two superimposed orders, dorico-toscano below and ionic above.

The square, which was devastated by the aerial bombardments of the war, was subsequently repaved and, just at that time, it was decided to lower the level by making two steps as a base in order to give the building impetus and lightness.

At the northern corner of the Basilica rises the Bissara Tower, also called Square Tower, 82 meters high, which was built at the behest of the Bissari family, which in 1226 was omitted in 1226. Once was the seat of the public magistrates, today the Basilica has three independent exhibition spaces and hosts numerous art exhibitions. Moreover, since 1994 it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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