The Chiericati Palace

In this chapter we talk about one of the most elegant and impressive buildings in the historic center of Vicenza, Chiericati Palace.

Chiericati Palace

The Andrea Palladio boulevard, one of the main boulevard in the city, leads directly into Matteotti Square, a very large and tree-lined area. Chiericati Palace, an imposing building on the right is a Renaissance building built as a residence for the Chiericati counts, which can be considered one of the most brilliant and evocative buildings built by Andrea Palladio, to whom he dedicated his talent from 1550 to 1557.


The building is characterized by a Doric arcade developed for the entire width of the facade, raised above the level of the square thanks to a high plinth and a central staircase, which supports the upper Ionic floor.

Chiericati Palace

The latter is closed in the central sector and open on the sides in two spacious and luminous lodges. What characterizes this building is the absolute prevalence of empty spaces on the full, which is able to provide an exceptional airiness and brightness and, at the same time, a powerful and monumental appearance. Today Chiericati Palace houses the civic museum and the pinacotheca.

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