In this chapter we deal with a territory rich in traditions and war stories, among the most visited on the plateau, Roana.

Roana - Seven Municipalities Plateau

Roana is certainly the most scattered municipality of the whole plateau, as it is composed of five hamlets: Camporovere, Canove, Mezzaselva, Cesuna and Treschè Conca.

Famous for the Lonaba pond, visited both in summer and winter, it is remembered above all for the “Forte Verena”,

built on the homonymous Mount Verena from where, on May 24 at 04:00, the first cannon shot from the Italian territory started, thus marking the entry into war of Italy. Roana Country Festival: “Santa Giustina” festival, which usually takes place on the first Sunday of October.

Cesuna - Roana

Canove Country festival: it’s the famous “Sagra di San Marco e dei Cuchi” (Saint Mark and Cuchi festival), which takes place from 24th of april to 2nd may. The cuchi are typical artisan whistles made of terracotta, of every color and shape, which have always represented love, as the “cuco” was given as a gift to the beloved as a token of love.

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