Mount Ortigara

In this chapter we discuss one of those places that have marked history and its memory remains indelible within us, Mount Ortigara.

Mount Ortigara is a mountain of the 2,105 m high Alps located along the border between Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige, in the northern part of the Seven Municipalities Plateau. It is famous and is remembered, above all, for the great battle called precisely “battle of Mount Ortigara”.

This conflict lasted between 10 and 29 June 1917 between the Italian army and the Austro-Hungarian army, days in which thousands of Alpini were overwhelmed by the continuous fury of the enemy, so much to generate a human catastrophe of biblical proportions.

Today it is the destination of many visitors, who arrive at the top following a path, not very complicated but full of traces of memories, such as the old trenches, not only visible but also passable in long stretches and the small ossuary built at Cima Lozze. Moreover, every year, just at Cima Lozze, on the second Sunday of July, a ceremony is held in memory of all the fallen. To know: the top of Ortigara before the war was 8 meters higher, it has lowered because of the intense bombings.

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