In this chapter we discuss one of the most beautiful, wildest and most fascinating areas of the whole plateau of the seven municipalities, the plain of Marcesina.

Marcesina - Seven Municipalities Plateau

« But will there still be lovers who on a winter’s night, would let themselves be pulled on a sleigh by a generous horse across the plain of Marcesina soaked in moonlight? If they weren’t there, how sad the world would be … »

said Mario Rigoni Stern.

The plain of Marcesina is a vast plain that extends for the most part in the Veneto region, (you enter from Valmaron), except for the northern part that is in Trentino.

The plain, because of its vastness and its flat morphology, was in ancient times used by the shepherds of the Seven Municipalities for grazing cattle, so that very often they had to fight with the shepherds of Valsugana, in order to have control.

Like the rest of the plateau, it was marked by numerous war events during the First World War and, by bitter clashes, during the Liberation period between the partisans of the territory and the Nazi-fascist departments.

Marcesina - Seven Municipalities Plateau

Today the plain is still used as a pasture for the production of Asiago d.o.p. cheese but also as a tourist place, especially in winter where it is possible to practice cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and walking. Top attractions: if you go there, it is nice to stop by at the Church of San Lorenzo, built again in distant times and rebuilt after the First World War, where it was completely destroyed, except for the bell tower, which remained miraculously intact.

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